Illustrations Campaign 2008
The illustrations of this year's advertising campaign have been created by the South African performer and artist Peet Pienaar. The 37-year-old former rugby player and son of an Afrikaans-speaking white farmer is one of South Africa's most daring and innovative artists. In his seemingly playful graphic works as well as in his provocative performances he takes a bitingly ironic look at today's South Africa. He is the artistic head of «Daddy buy me a pony» (renamed «The President»), a studio for art, advertising and graphic design, which exhibited its award-winning creations during the 2005 festival «Afrique noire III» in Berne. Peet Pienaar is the publisher and co-creator of the Afro Magazine, a magazine featuring outstanding African graphic designs, which won the renowned Grand Clio Award for innovative design in 2006.


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